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David Lombardi


A longtime Miami Beach resident, David began investing in apartment buildings on South Beach in the mid  to late 90’s amassing a portfolio of 120 units. In the early 2000’s when condo converters entered the  market and made it unaffordable to buy and operate these buildings as apartments, David and his partners  sold their portfolio. Under the original assumption that Wynwood was too cheap and too well located not  to be successful David began buying warehouse space in Wynwood in December 2000. Upon realizing  that many of his new creative office tenants in Wynwood were the same tenants who used to rent  apartments from him on South Beach David decided to see if there was a market for combining those  spaces and expenses into one inspiring space. The product of this was the Terminal Fabric Building, a  1926 3 story factory building, which David converted into 8 live/work lofts. The response was  overwhelming and inspired the development of Wynwood Lofts, a 36 unit live/work loft condo project,  which sold out upon completion in 2005. In 2008 David saw another void in the Miami market and  developed Museo Vault, an 85,000 SF full service art storage facility. David’s long term position in Wynwood as an investor and broker  has given him exposure to the Wynwood market and the demands of it current and prospective population  that is unrivaled and has been the reason David has continually been able to anticipate the neighborhood’s  evolving growth.

As Wynwood’s growth continued, David sought out other emerging neighborhoods and entered Little River where he owns 18,800 square feet of commercial space and has relocated several galleries, art studios, and a design showroom, some of which were previously Wynwood tenants. As he continues to grow his portfolio and seek other emerging neighborhoods, Little Havana and Mimo are also key acquisition targets.