Helping tenants during tough times

April 8, 2020
Hello, I miss you all!
I hope you are healthy and calm during this uncertain time.
It's been a very interesting month, we've all had to make lots of adjustments in our home routine and habits. 
One very positive aspect of being at home is that we can dedicate more quality time to our skin and improve our personal skincare routine, dedicating more self-care and self-love.

To enhance your skincare ritual, I created the "Do it yourself Facial", consisting of one-on-one online consultation and a 7 step guided treatment you can do by yourself.
We will have a 30-minute skin analysis and consultation, and after that, you get a one-time product  application, delivered to your home for only $25

Also, I'm offering a 10% product discount after booking and  FREE local delivery for the Miami area, for full-size Dermalogica products and the Ölsüss Collection!

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Take care, see you soon! 
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